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Welcome to San FranFREEsco

How to Have Fun at Indie Music Festivals (without really paying)
How to Have Fun at Indie Music Festivals
The best kept secret in music festivals like the upcoming “Noise Pop Fest” is that volunteering (working half the show and seeing the other half for FREE) can be way more fun than paying full price to see the whole show. Here’s a how-to guide for having the best festival experience possible with out giving more than a few hours of your time.  Read More >>
Welcome to San FranFREEsco
Many More Events & Features Coming in the New Year!
Welcome to the beta launch of the San FranFREEsco website! Over the last few months we have been working hard developing an interactive event listing website that allows our followers to better utilize the events we post. This is step 1 in our long road to becoming the best and most useful site for discovering FREE or almost free events in the Bay Area. Over the coming months, we will be rolling out improvements regularly and adding new exciting features to assist you in having fun without emptying your wallet! Please don’t be shy about giving us your feedback on our work so far and telling us about the features you would like see in the future. Together we can make this the ultimate resource for the Bay Area community! Read More »
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